Lower Standing Core

Created by Alexandra Tejeda
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Workout Details
  • Body Focus:Core
  • Difficulty:Beginner
  • Duration:Short Workouts
  • Equipment:No Equipment
Course Description
12 min standing lower core workout for beginners! No equipment needed! I am a CPT so I will be leading you through the whole workout and there is a follow along countdown timer as well to keep you on track for the full workout!

35 seconds on/ 15 seconds off
overhead high knees
toe taps
lunge crunches
squat knee drives
high knee pauses
overhead oblique crunches
standing crunches
squat rotate
Making 1:1 training accessible to all women! My name is Alex and fitness is my passion! I am a Certified Personal Trainer & Registered Holistic Nutritionist! I focus on bettering you both physically and mentally! I love supporting women and engaging with them and I am currently training to be a bikini competitor! My passion is to help you become your best self and create a supportive and fun environment!
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