Basic Leg Strength

Created by Alex Baril
Workout Details
  • Body Focus:Lower
  • Difficulty:Beginner
  • Duration:Short Workouts
  • Equipment:No Equipment
Course Description
A series of basic and multi-directional leg movements that will not only build strength, but will serve as the foundation for more dynamic and high impact exercises in the future.
Alex Baril , DBC LEVEL 1, FPTI , NASM CPT , ASFA SFI Alex Baril is a fitness professional of 8 years. After graduating from the Focus Personal Training Institute, Alex attained a NASM certification with a focus in performance enhancement. Throughout his journey in the industry Alex has worked as a personal trainer for 24 Hour Fitness Soho, an assistant strength coach at Long Island University and stretch therapist for New York Presbyterian Hospital. Alex is currently part owner of Results Boxing & Fitness, NJ and Co - Founder of The Go Trainer, a subscription based online business that provides cutting edge tools as well as fitness programming.
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