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Adding A Course

Adding a course is easy! Once you have created a Trainer account, simply log into your trainer admin and select the add course option.

Tips For Creating Courses

Here are some tips for creating the best possible course.

Tips For Trainer Profiles

Here are some tips and suggestions for making your trainer account more appealing to users.

Frequently asked questions
Who can become a Gymslee trainer ?

Anyone can become a Gymslee trainer! If you are a fitness enthusiast that has knowledge about general or a specific type of training and wish to share it with the world, Gymslee is the platform where you can do it while also earning something in return.

What is required in order to start a Gymslee trainer account ?

Starting an account is easy, the only information you need to provide in order to get started is your first and last name, your email address and to create a password. Once the account has been created we will email you with a link in order to activate your account.

How much does it cost to post my courses on Gymslee?

Signing up to Gymslee and posting your courses is free. Once members purchase your posted courses we have a 40% commission on the sale.

What price do I have to give my courses, and is there a limit of how many I can post ?

Gymslee leaves pricing for courses at the discretion of the trainer, each trainer has their own unique approach as to how their courses should be priced.

There is no limit as to how many courses you can post, the more courses you post the more possible sales.

What device do I need to produce my courses ?

You can use any device that fits your needs. Most of the trainers on Gymslee use their smartphones as their device of choice for producing their courses. But any filming device will work, from a DSLR to your computers webcam.

Are there any tips for creating courses ?

We encourage trainers to push their creativity producing courses and to experiment with different ways to determine their best fit.

We suggest that you always include a preview video, members can watch previews prior to purchasing a course which gives them a better understanding of what the courses are about.

Another recommended practice is to create your course in multiple videos, once you upload the videos you will be able to give them an order and name each video so that members can scroll through the sections as they wish.