Lower Body Dumbbells Course (8 videos)

Created by Lesgo Workout
Workout Details
  • Body Focus:Lower
  • Difficulty:Everyone
  • Duration:Normal Length
  • Equipment:No Equipment, Free Weights
Course Description
This package of workouts will help you to develop your lower body (calves, quads & glutes) at home thanks to bodyweight or a simple equipment: 2 dumbbells.

Included in this course:
- 15 Min Lower Body Dumbbells Circuit
- 12 Min Lower Body Dumbbells Workout
- 10 Min Lower Body Bodyweight Beach Workout
- 10 Min Lower Body Bodyweight Snow Workout
- 1 min 20 Dumbbells Squats Variations
- 3 videos to show Lunges variations with Dumbbells

Let's push ourselves, Lesgo !!!
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