Killer Home Leg Workout (BODY WEIGHT)

Created by Mustafa Ali
Killer Home Leg Workout (BODY WEIGHT)
Workout Details
  • Body Focus:Core, Lower
  • Difficulty:Everyone
  • Duration:Normal Length
  • Equipment:No Equipment
Course Description
If you are looking for a home leg workout that will help you to build muscle without needing access to a full gym, then this is the video for you. Here, you have two complete options for a limited equipment leg workout that requires just a single set of dumbbells or a completely body weight leg workout that you can do in just a little bit of space in your living room.
Hello everyone. Welcome! Am here to share my knowledge and experience plus add value to peoples lives. So lets get fit and healthy together. I've been working out for almost 15 years. My main goal is to be fit lean and healthy all year round.
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