Full Body No Equipment 55 Min Workout MOST RECENT 1.19.2021

Created by Benjamin Villers
Workout Details
  • Body Focus:Full Body
  • Difficulty:Everyone
  • Duration:Normal Length
  • Equipment:No Equipment
Course Description
Most recent workout was awesome! Here is the list of workouts! Learn and do them with me!

B stance single leg squat
Hamstring Single Leg Dead Lift
Hip Thrust
Sumo floor touching back rows
Superman shoulder press
Hover Pushup SUPERSET
Supine Pushup
Single leg walk outs
1 up 1 down plank
Break dance kicks to push kick back
Spider man mountain climbers
Windshield Wipers
V situps
Supine Superman crunch
Sitting around the worlds
Fitness Trainer, DJ & MC in Los Angeles California! Originally from the East Coast, and found myself on the West Coast I am a professional fitness trainer with a lifetime of experience in the health & wellness industry as an athlete, then student, to businessman My company is Jamin Fitness, and you can find me and all my work anywhere online Check out my podcast The Jamin Show to learn more about me on Apple Pod & Spotify
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