BLACKPINK Cardio Dance Party

Created by Vivian Yuan
Workout Details
  • Body Focus:Full Body
  • Difficulty:Everyone
  • Duration:Normal Length
  • Equipment:No Equipment
Course Description
This course is perfect for Blackpink/KPOP fans OR fitness fanatics looking for a new, motivating way to improve their cardiovascular endurance. The strong beat of Blackpink songs combined with their high BPM is perfect for fun and effective workouts, combining easy-to-follow zumba dance moves with intense cardio exercises. Each workout is built to keep your heart rate up the entire time, with many structured in a HIIT format to burn those calories fast.

These workouts all contain "next move" previews and some offer live narrations for proper execution.

Course contents:
5 dance workouts with built in rest time between songs (7-10 minutes each)
-1 low impact workout (recommended for warm-up/cool-down)
-2 full body intense cardio workouts
-1 arm toning focused workout
-1 leg toning focused workout
12 Blackpink songs including your favorites like "Lovesick Girls" and "Kill this Love"
I am a fitness fanatic from Chicago, Illinois. I have been a dancer for much of my life and have recently switched into Zumba training through virtual platforms. I'm a firm believer in the power of music for motivation and the effectiveness of home workouts (when done properly) even with no equipment. I specialize in high intensity cardio dance workouts, where I blend plyometrics, strength exercises, and cardio dance moves for a holistic and fun fat-burning fitness experience!
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