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Marino is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach born in Croatia but living and working in Germany. His passion in life is helping others to achieve their dreams; you see obstacles only if you look away from you dreams. He speaks 6 languages inkl. English, German, Spanish, French, Croatian and Slovenian. Marino has been already a lot of years in the Health and Fitness industry as a Fitness and Group trainer. He was a member of the French Foreign Legion (Special army forces) where he finish as the best soldier in his unit. There he learn how to lead, respect and motivate the people and also never give up, no matter how difficult the challenge is. Also he was working as a Personal trainer on the Luxury Cruise Ships where he also make the World Cruise and had chance to see all the world. There he was making big seminars about sport and nutrition, training and nutrition plans for different types of people, group classes and a lot of more. During his career he helped a lot of people (beginners, athletes, children…) achieve their goals by increasing their muscle mass, burning their fat, increase their energy levels and most important, build their self-respect.He believes that his job contains an educational and motivational approach and he is happy to help anyone achieve their short and long term health and fitness goals. Marino's endless energy and passion to motivate comes trough in all that he does and reflects on people he comes in contact with.

Here are a few quick facts about him, concerning his expertise and experience in the fitness and wellness field:

-Fitness Trainer and Sauna Master in Therme Erding, Germany (The World's Biggest Therme)

-Personal Trainer in Fitness Studio Kickletics, Munich (Germany)

-Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant for Steiner Company, USA (Big American Spa and Fitness Company working inside of the Luxury Cruise Ships)

-Legionnaire and member of the French Foreign Legion (Army Special Forces)

-Fitness University in Zagreb, Croatia

-Business Fitness Academy in London, UK

-Total Body Coach (Basic level ) certification

-Total Body Coach (Advanced level ) certification

-Total Body Coach (Master level) certification

-Basic Pro Trainer certification

-Diet and Nutrition Coach certification

-Member of EREPS (European Register of Exercise Professionals)

-Online Fitness Academy certificate

-EHFA (European Health & Fitness Association) Diploma

-Certified Nutrition Coach


Bodybuilding, Endurance trening, Kettlebell, TRX, SAQ, Plyometrics, Mobility,Weightlifting, Indian clubs, Powerlifting, Bulgarian bags, Elastic bands, BOSU, Prevention, Rehabilitation, Recovery, Nutrition, Supplementation