Alina Sprengele
About Me
Hey, my name is Alina Sprengele and I am Fitness and Psychology enthusiast since 2012| Since March, 2020 Certified Fitness Trainer | You-tuber.
I strive to help people to reach their goals and live happy lives.

My philosophy is that right nutrition and training can help a lot to achieve your fitness goals, but more often it comes from inside, we don't feel good enough about ourself even if we actually are amazing.

I hope that all the information what I am sharing with you, will reach you in the best way, everything what I am sharing took me around 4 years of research from different books, youtube videos, trainings and even extra education.

The main conclusion I made is, that the power of change is only in our own hands, we have to change our own mindset, and stop looking for excuses, stop looking to others and trying to change them, my goal here is to help you on that way.
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